Marshmallow – Courtesy Listing*

Breed: Boxer
Age: 8 
Weight: 50 
Gender: Female

Marshmallow has an incredibly gentle spirit. She enjoys meeting new people and is gentle with children. She is fine with other dogs, but can be a little reactive to dogs who bark at her. Marshmallow had a mast cell tumor removed from her toe and a sarcoma removed from her side, and then another mast cell tumor was found. She is likely to keep producing these tumors, so she takes an anti-inflammatory to slow their growth. She is also being treated for chronic skin allergies.

In addition, Marshmallow has a weak back end, most likely due to Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). At this point she can take slow walks. She wears a Help ‘Em Up harness, which helps get her up from a laying position. She can’t due stairs without help, but the harness is also helpful for that. She also does best if someone holds her harness while she goes potty, so she doesn’t fall. 

Marshmallow would do best in a single level home without slippery floors, with access to a yard, and with someone who doesn’t leave her alone more than 4 hours at a time and can help her out to potty and give her lots of love.

Marshmallow is looking for a foster or adopter with Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacfiic Grove. Email or call the contact listed below to learn more about Marshmallow.


Name: Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Phone: (831) 718-9122


Dog’s Location: Pacific Grove