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Abby is a petite sweetie pie! She is a bit slow to show what her true nature is but she has a joy about her. Abby can get excited when greeting you at first but is manageable. She hasn’t shown interest in toys but she loves people and gets along with our other dogs and cat. Abby gets excited about the possibility of car rides and rides well in the car.

We have taken Abby on short hikes and longer walks (4 miles) and she does fine. She can pull a bit on the leash when excited, but then settles in. She seems to always be looking to you for direction. I think kind and firm leadership would be best for her.

In the house, Abby is well mannered. She is house broken and crate trained. Abby learned quickly that she is not allowed on the furniture. She will sit went asked but other commands (down) are not yet understood. Abby does want to please though so that is making the learning process easier.

Abby seems to be a dominant female and may do best with other dogs who are submissive or know the rules of the pack. A slow and moderated introduction with household dogs would be best, just to set the tone in a positive way.