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Aldo is extremely sweet and just wants to be loved. When he first joined us his bones were visible and he looked very sad but now he’s filled out and that sad face is gone. Aldo is large for a boxer but he is calm and friendly with everyone he meets, including new people that come to visit.

Aldo loves Sly and Gracie, the resident boxers, and they love him right back. They’re all sun worshipers, lying around on the back patio together working on their tans! Aldo walks well on leash and enjoys going for long hikes with the pack. He’s also house-broken and crate-trained, and he rides well in the car. Aldo hasn’t met any children or cats while in our care yet, so check back for updates on that.

Our whole family loves Aldo and we want only the best for him. We want him to find a fur-ever that will adore him and make him part of their family and include him in all of their adventures – it’s a requirement for boxers and boxer lovers. We will foster Aldo for as long as it takes for him to find the perfect family and maybe we will get lucky and his new family will live close by and we can have playdates together.