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From day one, Alex has been an angel. He has been consistently calm and loving. Like with many rescue dogs, we have no idea what his life was like before NCBR saved him, but what we learned quickly is that he is completely housebroken, is crate trained, knows how to sit, and is pretty good at staying. Alex is food motivated (not obsessed – just motivated) which makes training very easy. He definitely knows his name.

In all situations he has been in while on a leash, Alex has never lunged or reacted to other dogs (we have no idea what he is like with cats, but he really perks up to watch the quail that run through our yard). We took him to PetSmart recently where there were a lot of barking hyper dogs there, yet Alex simply looked in their direction and then turned his attention to a tiny little girl who wanted to pet him. He was very calm interacting with the child.

Alex has a favorite chair here that has his blanket on it and when he’s not giving us love or laying down by one of us, he’s in his crate or happily snoozing on his comfy chair. Alex likes to come over and gently place his paw on you, as if to say, “Hello. I love you. Do you have some love for me?” He’s a total love bug!

Alex is our 4th foster with NCBR (we ended up adopting our first foster and though she adores humans, she unfortunately does NOT like other dogs one tiny bit). Every one of our fosters has been a joy, but this calm little guy is one we really wish we could keep. Sadly, our resident dog is not having it. Alex tries faithfully to show her affection and she just rebuffs him every time. He truly deserves a home where if there is another dog, that dog will reciprocate his affection.

We all know boxers can be goofy and quirky. That is what makes them so fun. We think Alex would be a wonderful addition to any family but for someone looking for a very calm boxer, he’s even more ideal. He is so gentle, mellow, and incredibly loving.