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Ali is a super chill guy that just wants to be with his people. His beautiful, natural tail is always wagging to show his overall happy demeanor. He is eager to go for a car ride out and about, or just sun bathe in the yard. Ali loves to go for walks but doesn’t make it very far without having to take a rest in a shady grass area. We walk for about a mile and that seems to be quite enough for him.

We haven’t found a toy that Ali doesn’t like! Although, he doesn’t play fetch, he loves to bat a ball around and play soccer. He loves bones and will be quite content for a long time chewing on a bully stick while lounging in a soft bed.

We are working on Ali’s obedience and engagement and he is responding well. We expect him to continue to improve in this area as we spend more time practicing. He pulls on the leash for the first ten minutes of the walk but does respond to leash corrections and settles in. With consistent training, Ali will be a great companion to take anywhere you go.

We can see Ali being quite happy in many different living environments. He doesn’t get nervous when his people leave. He likes to play with our resident dogs but could also be content being an only dog and just hanging out with his humans. Ali may not do well with very young children as he doesn’t know his own strength and could knock them over. Also, Ali has a very high prey drive. He cannot live in a home with a cat, bird or other small animal that lives in the home.