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Due to a leg and jaw injury, Andy is currently receiving some much needed medical care and TLC. He is expected to recover well and live a normal life. Andy won’t be a suitable jogging partner but will otherwise be a normal active playful dog. He’s about 54 lbs now, but he’s a slim build and not very tall. More information will be provided to anyone who is interested.

Andy is a very cute boy with a reddish fawn coat and is extremely friendly to everyone. He wiggles with excitement and happiness! Andy hasn’t had a ton of training to date and gets distracted easily, so he will need some further training in his new home. As he’s on the smaller side and is highly food motivated, he’s fun to train and he loves to do some activities with his people. Andy also seems dog friendly. No cats.

Update 12/28/16

Andy continues to do well. He is boarding at the veterinarian over the holidays. All of his wounds that were surgically repaired a few weeks ago have healed, so he got a regular cast this week instead of a splint. A regular cast does a better job of immobilizing the joint for healing, but is not as easy to check underneath for lesions. Andy is a young boy who is tiring of his immobility and will be so happy when he can move around like a normal dog.

Thank you for supporting Andy.

Update 12/7/16

Andy continues to do well. He had radiographs today and the ankle is healing as expected. The surgical site beneath the cast where we repaired the ulceration is also healing well. Andy remains a handful for his foster mom, wanting to do more than we can allow with his activity restrictions.

Update 12/2/16

Andy is doing well. The ankle fusion is healing but at the last cast change, he had some rubbing of the cast on the knee, and had developed an ulceration under the cast. We had to take him to surgery to clean it up and close it, otherwise it would have been impossible for healing to occur under the cast. He is now getting cast checks twice a week. Thankfully, our foster home is willing to drive to the veterinarian for these checks. Andy is young and healthy, and wants to GO. Keeping him quiet has always been a challenge, but as he heals it is even more of an impossibility. 😉

Update 11/17/16

Andy visited the veterinarian on Wednesday for his four-week check. We did a radiograph, and his ankle is healing well. He remains a pistol and is difficult for the foster mom to keep quiet. Andy is going to be one happy boy when everything heals. Thank you for your support!

Update 11/12/16

Andy had his two-week cast removal/replacement and laceration suture removal (underneath cast) this week and is doing very well.  Things are progressing as expected.  He is getting much more opinionated about being crated and broke out twice yesterday.  However, he was still confined to a room, so he did not injure himself.  It seems like once boxers learn how to get out of crates, trouble ensues.

Update 11/07/16

Andy is in his foster home and doing well. He is a pistol. He likes to move his e-collar so he can chew on his cast and other things. He also LOVES his food and gets so excited that the foster home is trying to figure out a way to feed him but minimize the excitement because that is not good since his activity must be restricted.

Update 11/05/16

Andy had ankle surgery on Wednesday, 11/2. His ankle could not be stabilized because the bone was shattered where the ligament attached. So, in order to prevent horrible arthritic changes that would ultimately be so painful that Andy would not weight bear, we fused the ankle. Obviously, we wanted to avoid that draconian procedure, but Andy will do very well; he will not be a marathon runner, but should get along just fine. We are waiting to see if his jaw will heal and we will get repeat radiographs in 3-4 weeks. Andy remains a very happy boy.

Original Status

Andy is a very sweet dog, and quite the love. He entered our care this week with a broken jaw and an unstable and painful hock (ankle), both probably the result of being hit by a car. The shelter closed several lacerations on his leg, only for us to receive Andy with his sutures gone and his wounds infected. Andy will need surgery on his ankle. Depending on the degree of injury (which we will not know until surgery), he will either need ligaments reattached to his tibia or will need his ankle fused. In either case, he will need 8 weeks of casting, with frequent casting changes, each requiring sedation and repeat x-rays. Andy may also need his jaw wired. Depending on the extent of damage to Andy’s ankle and whether he needs his jaw wired, the cost of Andy’s care will be between $3,500 and $6,600 . . . in addition to the $1,000 we have already spent on him.


Thank You for Supporting Andy

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