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Andy is a smart, excitable and handsome boy who loves everyone. He weighs 58 lbs and is a little smaller than average, but he has no idea and makes his presence known! Andy has spent time recovering from injuries, possibly sustained from a car accident, and has come through things well. All medical information will be disclosed to potential adopters.

Andy has a pretty simple outlook in life: he loves to have his people around him, likes to play/exercise, loves to go on car rides, and he loves to find as much food as possible. Andy loves to go visit places and will run out the door to get you to take him along! He can now go on easy short hikes and can play, but will not be a suitable agility dog or jogging partner. Andy has a high prey drive and should be kept on leash on all hiking trails. This also means no cats or other small animals. Any other dogs in the home must be 45 lbs or larger.

Andy really likes larger dogs and has been very tolerant towards my female boxer. He plays very well with her and has learned to respect her boundaries. When meeting other large dogs on leash, Andy has a very forward approach and doesn’t have polite leash manners, but once he calms down, things typically go well. Andy will pull strongly towards another dog and cannot be walked by kids. He is not good with small dogs and needs to avoid meeting them.

Andy loves people, including children, but he can get mouthy if someone plays too roughly, so children in the home should be 10 years or older. He is very food driven and has figured out how to open up cabinets as well as both the fridge & freezer, so child locks are a must! He’s fairly energetic but with enough exercise and activities, he’s very happy to be a lap dog and hang out for a while.

Andy is house broken but he is used to having in/out access to a very secure fenced yard during the day.   In addition, as he can be a bit anxious when alone, he may bark for a bit of time so he is not suitable for condo/townhouse living.  Andy does far better with another dog around.

While Andy has his quirks, he is a really fun, happy dog who has come a long way over the last few months. He loves life and was incredibly lucky to be rescued by NCBR.


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