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Annie is a sweet and generally calm girl. She has relaxed in the short time that we’ve had her and after a few accidents in the house, now potties exclusively in the yard. Annie likes to know where we are in the house but does not feel the need to be attached to our side.

Annie has been very calm with our resident dog Daisy who can be a bit possessive of her humans, home, food and toys. Annie gives Daisy her space and has not been aggressive at all. Annie LOVES to be out in the yard chasing squirrels and exploring the scents and sounds. I can’t imagine her speed would actually let her catch one but she enjoys chasing them up the trees! When indoors Annie is frequently lounging in a dog bed staring out the windows keeping an eye on the yard.

Annie hasn’t met any children while in our care, but lived with kids in her previous home. And she’s a calm, happy, and gentle dog when meeting strangers. Annie also lived with cats in her previous home.

Annie would do best in a home with a fenced in yard and a bit of space so she can spend time outdoors off leash. She does respond to her name when we call her to come in, even if she is occasionally a little reluctant. She likes to put her cold little nose on us and take a sniff. It took a week but we now get sweet boxer kisses! Annie is a sweet gentle soul.