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Baxter is a fun, playful, affectionate boy who loves his people! He is very much a people dog: he loves interacting with adults and children and he always responds positively with excitement and affection. Baxter previously lived with two young children and was great with them – always calm and happy when the children were interacting with him. My favorite moments are when Baxter is waking up from a nap when I come home from work and seeing his cute little docked tail wiggle with excitement. Baxter also gets along very well with other dogs. He enjoys wrestling in his boxer like manner and playing/running in the park with his current boxer housemate.

Baxter is currently in the process of leash training and can get distracted by the action in the neighborhood during walks. Although he may randomly stop walking to watch the passersby, or tug on the leash when he is met with squirrel or cat, he always responds positively with eagerness and excitement and continues his walk after a little sweet talk. We’re still working on fully housebreaking Baxter but he does ride well in the car.

Baxter’s ideal forever home would be one with a family that has children and another dog that can keep up with his playful demeanor. He is a loving family dog that thrives off affection and attention, so an environment that allows him to be close to the family would be ideal. Baxter and loves running around on grass and in parks, so a home with space or access to parks would be great as well.