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Bella is a sweet girl who needs lots of attention – she loves to snuggle on the couch. Bella has the goofiness that every boxer lover enjoys, but mellows when asked, and will settle with a bone. She is crated trained but does well in the house when not crated. Bella knows all her basic commands and listens 99% of the time. She loves to sing songs if she is left in the crate for too long or if she can see you. For the most part, Bella just wants to hang out and cuddle.

Bella is fantastic on a lead – she will dance about and spin circles when she sees you putting on your shoes or picking up a lead – and I think she will make a great running partner. She is a highly energetic girl, needing 2+ hours of exercise daily. As soon as the weather gets a little better and we get a chance to do a run, I will add an update. Like Superman, Bella can leap fences in a single bound, so she will need supervision when outdoors. She is a perfect companion during car rides, especially when you mention a puppachino.

So far Bella hasn’t been too interested in other dogs. She’s a bit shy and needs slow introductions to everyone (dog and human alike), but once she warms up she loves people of all ages, and really enjoys being around children. Because Bella is so selective in the dogs she likes she must be an only dog. Bella has been introduced to cats but wants to chase them, so she’s not a good candidate for a home with cats.

Bella has a stuffed monkey that she brings to me when I get home. She is all wiggles and has her monkey – it’s pretty dang cute! If you are looking for a petite little girl who has lots of love to give, come meet Bella!