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There isn’t much that doesn’t please our handsome man, Bernie! He loves his people, food including treats and chews, training, sleeping and putting a smile on your face! He is a big boy but don’t let his size fool you, he’s a big time cuddle bug!

Bernie is a recent board and train graduate and came back an A+ student! He knows basic obedience like sit-stay, down-stay, and come command and if that wasn’t enough, he has great house manners, too! Bernie is a pro at self control and will wait for his meals, at doorways all while his focus is on his handler waiting to release him! Yes, he is very engaged with his people!

Bernie is a dog that needs to know he is safe when in a new environment and that he can trust that his family will offer him lots of time to adjust into his new home. By giving Bernie lots of positive feedback, being sensitive to his needs and helping him feel comfortable while he’s learns his new home, in return, he will give you loyalty and a be loving companion for life!

Like we mentioned earlier, Bernie is a big boy but on the inside he’s really just a giant mushy marshmallow. He can get overwhelmed if things are going too fast for him so we recommend public outings and meeting new people take a back seat until Bernie has had lots of bonding time with his new family, this big boy just needs extra time to know he is loved and safe!

Bernie feels much more comfortable if he is able to control meeting new people and that means allowing Bernie to sniff and get familiar with them all while that new person totally ignores him! Just think of Bernie as a ghost for about 5 minutes, if he can sniff someone while they ignore him he will warm up really quick!

Just like any other guy, Bernie LOVES food and treats so if you want to win him over even quicker, have a handful of treats ready! Ask him for a sit and pop him a treat!! Ask him for a down and pop him another treat!! Now you have his full attention!! Bernie is being fostered by his trainer so we know he will continue his awesomeness with his training so don’t let this guy pass you up!!

When interacting with other dogs Bernie is very direct and rude. His trainer did not see aggression but his approach could definitely lead to an altercation if the other dog doesn’t like Bernie’s manner. IF the other dog is tolerant, well mannered, of opposite gender (only for preventative measures) and you (as the adopter) are willing to take it extra slow and manage the interactions (keeping the dogs separate for as long as it takes, and implementing short/positive parallel walks), the trainer feels Bernie could be fine with a canine companion.