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Bernie is a very sweet lovable dog who’s sole desire in his day is to spend time with his people. He is very eager to make his people happy, and thus is very easily trainable. Bernie minds very well and is just a clown. He sits, stays, lays down, is gentle with treats, and knows to get out of the kitchen. He does not bolt out the front door or back door and has no trouble walking along side me while my arms are filled with groceries back and forth from the house to the car with no leash.

Bernie is not excitable in the house and gets into no trouble at all; he’s very calm and can lay at my feet for hours while I work. I do take him running and we are slowly working our way up to several miles at a time. Although he enjoys being out, Bernie is not a dog that will run for hours and hours and hours.

Bernie can appear to be very protective. He does tend to growl at new people. When he is in a new situation, he often gives a low growl, but follows it up with looking toward me for direction; he may jump on me or bury his head in my lap for protection. I give him a lot of assurance that he will be ok, and he relaxes. This behavior appears to be a trust issue, if he is not positive that his people will protect him, he will protect himself. Bernie needs a strong personality who will let him know, using verbal commands only, that his people will take care of him. He does not respond well with any sort of aggressive physical interaction. Bernie is not a dog park sort of dog.

Bernie would do great in a home as an only dog that wants a lovable companion dog. A calm, quiet home that can provide him a great deal of authority to keep his worries at bay. A home with no children would be best for Bernie as well.