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Bradley is a beautiful, tall boy who is looking for his forever home. Bradley has settled in well to his foster home, and loves spending hours playing with his foster brother and sister. Since he can easily jump up to 6 feet while standing, his nick name is Pogo. Secure fencing is a must!

While Bradley is friendly, he currently lacks confidence in certain settings. He takes a while to build up trust with new people, and often gives his paw to get reassurance. In order to help him feel secure, Bradley will need a patient quiet home to provide a good balance of positive feedback along with consistent routine and structure. While in quiet areas, Bradley walks nicely on leash but as some noises can startle him, he must be kept on leash at all times.

Around the home, Bradley is very happy & playful and will race around the yard and house. Be warned, Bradley is a counter surfer! During the initial settling in time, Bradley would guard toys, food and beds/space from the other dogs. With management and the build up of trust with the other dogs this rarely occurs now. However, we will discuss this further with any applicants, to ensure any other dogs in the home are a good match.

It should be noted that Bradley arrived into our care with various prior scars. We have no information as to what his background may have been. As we also don’t know if the scars will lessen, any applicants need to be prepared to accept the way he looks right now.

Bradley is a wonderful dog and would do best without kids, and no cats. Large dogs (male or female) only.