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Breanna is sweet, calm, affectionate, and happy. She likes to likes to play and hang out and she has that familiar boxer wiggle butt down pat. Breanna’s activity needs are growing as she matures, so it’s hard to gauge what her future exercise needs will be but she’s generally a low-key pup. She is currently content with her daily walks and off leash romps. Breanna likes affection, toys (plush, kong, bones, tennis ball), and playing in the yard with her fur brothers for several hours during the day. She also gets along fine with our cat.

Being a puppy means Breanna is constantly evolving. She is curious, tends to evaluate the world around her, and she’s quick to learn queues. Breanna is house trained, crate trained, rides well in the car, and is fine being left in the house with her fur brothers for an hour or two. She is a compliant pup, as well as affection- and food-motivated, all of which make training easy.

Breanna can be a bit on the reserved side, taking a little time to warm up to new people. Even so, she has become the guard dog of the house – if there is a noise or a change in the environment, she alerts us.

We recent took Breanna RV camping with us and she did really well. There were no other dogs for her to take queues from but she was great on her own. The best part was taking her to the beach and river and letting her run around. She engaged positively, though in a reserved manner, with all the people she met.

While we haven’t seen Breanna interact with children, we believe she will be fine with kids of all ages as long as she continues to be socialized and trained. Breanna is a love bug and will grow into a wonderful companion with appropriate leadership and direction.