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Breanna is an adorably sweet puppy and will make an excellent addition to her forever home. She is affectionate, happy, and likes to play and hang out. The best fit for Breanna would be someone who will provide leadership and moderate activity. Her activity needs are growing as she matures so it is hard to gauge what her future exercise needs will be. She likes her toys (plush, kong, bones) and her fur buddies (a Boxer and an Akita mix). Breanna gets along with the cat (interested but not obsessed), but does want to engage in dog play, which the cat is not too keen on.

Being a puppy means Breanna is constantly evolving. She is curious and quick to learn. Breanna is affection- and food-motivated, making redirection and training easy. She sleeps in her crate during the night with no issues. We are currently working on basic puppy stuff: potty training, grooming, keeping her well socialized, and basic commands and manners. As far as manners go, Breanna is an agreeable pup with typical puppy behaviors. She rides well in the car and walks on leash well for a pup. Breanna has become the guard dog of the house – if there is a noise, she alerts us.

While we haven’t seen her interact with children, we believe she will be fine with kids of all ages as long as she continues to be socialized and trained. Breanna is a love bug and will grow into a wonderful companion with appropriate leadership and direction.