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Brownie is a sweet girl! She is shy with people when she first meets them but warms up quickly when given a bit of space to get comfortable. Brownie likes to spend time with her people, ideally snuggled up at your side.

She was very interested in meeting and playing with our resident dog Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy likes to have her space and people to herself and does not share well with others. Brownie respects this and does not insist on interacting with Daisy. Brownie hasn’t been introduced to any children while in our care.

Brownie really likes going on walks and sniffing everything in her path. She does tend to pull so we are practicing her leash skills. Fortunately she really likes treats and is responsive to the training and likes to make us happy. We believe Brownie would make a great running companion! She is house broken and crate trained. When off leash in the yard, Brownie loves to zoom around us in circles and then chase balls or bones.