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Bruno aka “Lil B” is on the smaller and shorter side. He’s a low key kinda dog with short spurts of energy. He loves food and squeaky toys and an occasional marrow bone. He sleeps in his crate at night with no issue. He does need to be coaxed in with a treat but once in he settles.

During the week, he stays in his kennel in the middle of the common area for 8 hours and I come home for lunch and give him a potty break and 10-15 minute walk. He has some separation anxiety issues so best to crate him. He’s probably best suited for someone who’s is home more than not.

He will never be a running partner though he does enjoy his leisurely walks. He walks 2-3 times a day anywhere from 10-20 minutes. He’s great on a leash! When asked to wait on the curb before crossing he will. He has medium prey drive depending on the critter, with cats being the most interesting to him. He can stay a bit focused but I just jolly him along and occasionally have to tug a bit but he will refocus on the walk.

Bruno likes to be where you are or at least where he can see you. He lives with an older resident dog who is letting Bruno share his castle. The resident dog is a bit of an attention hog and has high energy especially when greeting guests. Bruno, on the other hand, is a bit chill. Bruno walks with the resident dog very well but we are working on slowly introducing Bruno and the resident dog. I think Bruno would be best as an “only child”.

He has not been introduced to any other dogs other than the resident dog. He has walked by other dogs that were across the street and seemed okay. He stopped and perked up his ears and looked, but a little tug moves him along.

Lil B is a very sweet and very handsome dog looking for a mellow place to park his little wiggle butt forever.