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This beautiful, wiggly guy has lots of energy and loves to participate in ANY activity with his family. He loves neighborhood walks, runs, hikes, etc. He is a typical younger boxer that LOVES his toys and will play fetch for a long time. While out on our walks, he has no problem meeting other dogs and does not pull to meet other dogs when not appropriate. He has great recall and is a SMART boy that just needs to continue his training with a firm boxer owner. If he thinks he can do what HE wants, he will.

Buddy is a little on the nervous side. He startles at loud noises or even items mis-placed in our home (such as the vacuum left in the middle of the room). It has taken him awhile to learn the regular noises of our home but he is settling down with time.

The one thing that adds to Buddy’s adorable character is his tongue. As you can see in the pictures, sometimes his tongue doesn’t get quite back in his mouth. He doesn’t drool. That tongue just sticks out at times.

Buddy is a great guard dog. He barks when the doorbell rings or if he feels something is not quite right.

Buddy would benefit with another dog in the home. He loves to play with his front paws/legs so possibly another boxer would be the best playmate for him. Buddy hasn’t been introduced to cats or young children yet. This guy will be a great addition to an active family that takes their dogs with them on family adventures.