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Cassie is new to NCBR and is about to graduate from training!

“Is Miss Cassie model material or what? This stunning little lady is a social butterfly who is working on her manners at Tug Dogs training when greeting new people as well as growing out of her puppy habits. Cassie is enjoying every minute of her training adventure!”

She now needs a foster home to see her through to adoption. If you can foster Cassie, please apply today at Here’s some more info from her trainer:

Cassie is a very sweet dog who loves attention and does well with strangers. Cassie has a lot of energy but will settle down in the house so long as she has had a walk or sufficient play time. She is quiet and relaxed in her crate, has good house manners in general, and is very smart!

“Cassie does well with other dogs who tolerate her over exuberant play style. I have not seen prey drive in Cassie but have not tested her around animals.

“Cassie has twice jumped a 6ft fence but only when I was on the other side playing with a dog as she wanted to join in the fun. She recalled perfectly to me each time and in general Cassie wants to be with you and is not interested in running off.

“Cassie hasn’t had an interactions with children but I suspect she will do well with them in terms of being friendly. I also suspect their energy may cause her to do things like jump up.

“The only things Cassie needs to keep working on is not jumping up on people when she gets excited. She knows her commands, doesn’t chew things up, potties outside, and overall is a very easy dog to live with.”