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Chance is a very sweet boy that loves to be around his people. He has manners but will let you know if needs something. Chance is a very talkative boxer, with a solid mix of whines, woo woos and barking. He loves to kidney bean and “show you his booty” when he gets excited or is happy to see you. Chance love to be outside and sunbathe.

Chance knows his name well and knows a nice variety of commands including sit, come and he has a wonderful stay. He walks well on a leash but still has a little “stranger danger” when it comes to new dogs on the walk. After slow introductions (1-2 weeks) he has been getting along with the resident dogs well with supervision, and even initiates play with one of them. He likes to play with his human family as well.

Chance would love to cuddle up next to you or even in your lap all day long, but is content to be in a bed close to you too. Chance got the opportunity to spend time in professional training since he has been with NCBR and is ready to meet his forever family.