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Charlie is a very sweet, cute, cuddly bug of a dog. He is almost completely dependent on his brother Kevin. Charlie has a hard time eating, drinking, or going anywhere unless his brother goes first. He has a toddler personality with a very dreamy, creative head in the clouds way about him, unless he finds himself all alone, and he falls apart.

Charlie and Kevin were found as strays and appear to have been through a rough patch. Charlie is very afraid of anything sudden, or the potential of something sudden. He’s very reliant on Kevin for security. Playing with toys is new to Charlie – he’s shown some interest in squeaky toys, but only from a safe distance. Charlie is crate trained and rides well in the car (although he is afraid of getting out and so needs help there). He walks well on leash unless we come upon a stranger, dog, or any other unexpected thing, at which point in darts in the opposite direction pulling as he does so.

Charlie will need a family that can give him a lot of time and patience, and who has the ability to train him without using any sternness or negativity. He takes a long time to bond with any caregivers, but once he does, he is like a little baby who wants all of your attention.



Kevin is such a sweet brother, comforting Charlie with kisses.

Charlie & Kevin’s freedom walk out of the shelter.