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Charlie is a gorgeous brindle boy who is an incredible love bug – a true diamond in the rough upon arrival. He came to me afraid of hardwood floors, stairs, and even just being inside the house. To minimize his stress, I let him relax in the backyard with the door open so that he could familiarize himself with his new environment and come inside if he chose. Within 72 hours, with a little cheese and kindness as encouragement, Charlie was inside exploring the house and running up and down the stairs!

Although they can get a little rough, Charlie plays very well with my female boxer. But he is just as happy being with his people and lapping up any attention and affection you want to give him. Charlie would make a great only dog, but could share his home with another dog too. He hasn’t met any children while in my care, but he is large for a boxer (81 lbs.) and a bit on the rambunctious side, so I would recommend children in the home be 15 or older.

Charlie is house-broken, crate-trained, rides well in cars, and walks well on leash most of the time. He sleeps soundly all night, snoring that cute boxer snore. In the morning, he’s a complete gentleman and waits patiently for me to get up before he gets out of bed.

Charlie has blossomed into a wonderful dog in the short time he’s been with me and will make a loyal and loving companion to one very lucky family.