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Chesney is a handsome, fawn fellow who loves meeting people. He can be vocally demanding when he wants to go for a walk because he loves to go to the park to watch people and roll around in the grass. Chesney walks well on leash when a fast pace is kept, but he can be reactive to other dogs and animals. Chesney also likes to ride in the car with his head out the window.

When he first came to us, Chesney didn’t really play with people or toys and didn’t have much interest in hanging out in the yard. Walks were his passion – the more the better! However, as he spends more time with us, Chesney is learning to play and he has become more attentive and affectionate. He likes to cuddle now and also to play some, including short games of tug and working on basic commands for treats. He does best when there’s a household routine to follow and we think he’ll only get better as time goes on!

Chesney is very good with kids – he doesn’t jump and is very gentle. He doesn’t get excited by kids running around playing and screaming. Bikes, scooters and skateboards don’t phase him, and he doesn’t try to steal food from them if they have it.

Chesney doesn’t care for being left home alone and is still learning to stay calm while we’re away (he tends to bark when left alone). But he has gotten comfortable with is crate and will go in when asked. So far, Chesney doesn’t care for male dogs, so he would be best as an only dog or with an easy going female dog.