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Chevy is a very sweet boy who can be quite shy when first meeting someone new. However, there’s no mistaking his shyness for unhappiness! Chevy is your typical fun, goofy, wiggly boxer once he’s warmed up to you!

Chevy recently graduated from his training program to work on confidence building, obedience, and house manners, as well as learning to trust humans. If he were a human, Chevy would be known as on introvert. He’s a reserved, quiet young boy who prefers a more controlled, structured, and calm environment. Don’t get us wrong, once Chevy has adjusted to his surroundings, he is one happy and silly boy! He simply prefers having ample time to get used to his new home, people, smells, noises, and routine before adding more into his life.

Have we mentioned social yet? Chevy LOVES dogs and seems to come out of his shell much quicker when he has another social, well-mannered dog around. Chevy has met many dogs and though he’s a bit shy when meeting them, in no time at all you’ll see Chevy bust out his play bows and bunny-bronco kicks with enthusiasm! The ladies especially find it hard to ignore and, before you know it, Chevy and friends are having a fun game of chase me.

When meeting humans, Chevy much prefers having the opportunity to sniff the person out without the pressure of having to interact. Using a gentler approach and softer voice when initially meeting Chevy is a one-way ticket to his friendship and trust. After that you’ll get a silly, goofy, still clumsy pup-friend for life!

Due to his reserved personality, Chevy would do best with kids 15 years and would thrive in a home where his humans have a more controlled environment. For example, a home with the occasional guests would be good for him, unlike a home that routinely hosts social parties or where people come and go often.

Chevy also gets his confidence from his own environment, where he trusts and feels safest. He can become overwhelmed in more crowded, public settings such as pet-friendly restaurant patios, dog parks, and off-leash areas, but he does enjoy walks in parks and even places around town that aren’t as busy. Before exploring the larger world, Chevy will need time to spend with his new family first so that he can get comfortable and build a trusting relationship with you.

Chevy is fully crate and potty trained and he is not a barker at all. He politely waits for his meals, waits at doorways, and isn’t one to jump on furniture until he’s invited. He’s low-medium energy so a leisure walk or fun game of chase is enough for his daily exercise. Chevy does tend to tire easily, especially when it’s hotter so he would not be a good hiking or running partner.

Chevy is not destructive and does well left alone in the house, in a room for nap time, or if you need to run errands. He is food motivated, which makes his training fun and easy – he would love to learn more tricks!

If you’re looking for a happy, polite, social, low-medium energy young boxer, Chevy might be a perfect fit!