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Meet Sir Clyde. This beautiful and sweet boxer boy came to NCBR after his owners dumped him in the shelter with a weak rear-end. Clyde has likely suffered being hit by a car and has difficulties walking like a normal boxer, but he has learned to get around! He is a sweet, gentle, calm boxer who loves to give kisses. Clyde has learned to get up a few stairs and can make his way to his favorite areas to lay. We have a wheelchair for Clyde (check it out in his video below) to help him take walks and to help build up his strength in his back legs—the doctors think he may also be able to walk normally again.

Clyde plays with toys in a gentle, playful manner. He will roll around the floor on his back and then toss the toy in the air. Clyde is house broken and crate trained. He walks well on leash and is very happy on his walks. Clyde tends to ignore people and dogs when on a walk, but when he does meet someone, he does so with ease. He has no issue meeting dogs on leash. Clyde hasn’t been introduced to any cats, so we’re not sure how he is with them.

Please don’t let Clyde’s disability sway you from considering him as your forever boxer. He is an amazing boy and will make a great companion for any family looking for a loyal, loving, appreciative boxer friend. He’s also an amazing fur-brother to his skin brothers (toddlers).