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Cora is a young and fun loving boxer. She loves everyone she meets. She is great with other dogs and would be good to take to dog parks or doggie daycare. Cora can entertain herself for long periods of time by “chasing shadows” – she is fascinated by light and shadow. Cora also loves to chew on bones and Kongs. She is not food or treat aggressive. Cora a BIG fan of cuddles and likes being in your lap.

Cora is deaf but it doesn’t limit her. She is very good at visual cues and checks in with her person often, even while busy playing. She knows “sit,” “down,” “no,” and “wait” and takes cues from other dogs. Cora is crate trained and will go in her crate without complaint. She is highly treat motivated so is easy to train.

Cora would be best in a household without kids or with older kids. She can get excited and jump up. She also tends to pick up and chew small kids toys when left out. Cora would love living with another dog but would also be good as an only dog if she got to frequently go to the dog park.

Cora is good on a leash. She is not reactive toward people or other dogs. She pulls when she sees a cat but is easy to correct. Cora has a high prey drive so she would not be good with cats, chickens or other small pets .