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Let this cuddle-bug into your heart and she will greet you with her cute little wiggle butt and a few sweet kisses too!

During Cricket’s spay surgery it was discovered that she was newly pregnant. When she came home, she gathered several stuffed animals and ‘nested’ with them next to our bed. She was a good ‘momma dog’ and now she is bringing her ‘babies’ to play in the rest of the house and even outside.

Cricket is eager to please and understands ‘No’, ‘Sit’, and ‘Stay’. She even sits automatically before meals or receiving a snack. We are still working with her on the ‘Leave it’ command. She is quite interested in our cats so ‘Leave it’ is a challenge when our cat is running past her.

Cricket loves to go for walks. We are currently using a Thunder ‘no pull’ Leash to enforce better leash manners and her fur-brother is setting a good example for her to follow so she is catching on rather quickly. She also loves to ride in the car and does really well on long drives.

Cricket is completely potty-trained and knows how to quietly get our attention to go outside. I’m happy to report, she hasn’t had a single ‘accident’ in the house.

Cricket is really great about only chewing on dog toys and/or a bone or treat but since she can be quite possessive with a bone or treat, we leave her alone to eat them.

Cricket hasn’t had much experience meeting new dogs or people yet. She is still learning to play ‘nice’ with her fur-brother but he’s big enough to hold his own with her. She would do good in a home with a large male dog and/or respectful older children. We’re sure with love, patience and kindness, Cricket will be everything you want in your furever pet.

Cricket is longing to find her furever home and if you can give her that, she would be eternally grateful.