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Czar is a very sweet and loving dog who really wants to snuggle. He loves to lay in the sun or on the cold tile floor. Czar is very well behaved in the house except when alone in the kitchen – – he has a very good snout and will sniff out any possible food items! We leave Czar free (but blocked from the kitchen) when gone and we come home to the house we left.

Czar will do almost anything for his kibble and very much enjoys getting some of his breakfast and dinner in food balls and puzzles. Czar is currently on a highly restricted diet (only specific kibble and no treats) because he appears to suffer from food allergies. We’re working with the vet to isolate the cause.

Czar gets two walks a day: morning and evening, and thoroughly enjoys them! He is a mellow dog, setting an ambling pace. When out in the words or at the river, he has much more energy and we’ve discovered he’s a natural at backpacking. Around the house, Czar is a funny guy and will romp around with a squeaky toy, throwing it in the air, down the stairs, and chasing after it, all on his own. He also likes to nap outside in the sun.

Czar would do well in a home that is on the lower energy side but that still goes out for an adventure occasionally. He really loves his humans and the more attention he can get the better. Czar does well with other dogs and it would be beneficial for him to have a confident and calm dog companion to be his guide.

Czar also needs a family that will be patient with him. He is insecure and it takes him time to build trust, especially with men. We are working on providing Czar with positive experiences to build his confidence and gain his trust further. Because of his insecurities any children in the home should be 15 or older.