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Dallas is a very sweet and quiet boy. He gets along very well with my senior female boxer, trying to encourage her to play and sometimes succeeding! This is huge because Layla has never played with another dog in the 6 years I’ve had her. Dallas hasn’t met any children yet, but he has met a few adults and was very friendly with them. He does like to chase cats, so he would do best in a home with no cats.

Dallas is crated-trained but not yet fully house-broken. My impression is that he was previously an outside-only dog or spent a great deal of time outside. Dallas is currently learning to use the doggy door and we’re also working on basic obedience with him. What little we’ve been out on leash has gone well – he tugs occasionally but responds to gentle correction. Dallas is also good in the car.

Overall, Dallas is a sweet and mellow boy who will need less than an hour of light exercise each day (walk, yard play, etc.). If you’re looking for a calm, loving companion, submit our Adoption Application and come meet Dallas!