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Dana came to us underweight and unsure. But she has blossomed into a wonderful, very affectionate, beautiful boxer girl. Dana loves to be around the family and curls up next to you as close as she can. She gets along great with our rambunctious young boxers, either not paying attention or joining in for play time. She is just as happy finding a sunny spot to lay in.

Dana is playful, affectionate, calm, and well mannered. She knows sit and down and loves her crate. Dana has no food aggression and takes treats gently from your hand. She got the routine of bedtime and meals down very quickly. Dana is house trained, walks well on leash, and rides well in the car.

Dana hasn’t met any cats while in our care and hasn’t been introduced to young children. Our home is full of teenagers coming and going which doesn’t bother her one bit.

All in all, Dana is a great dog and will make a wonderful addition to any family, with or without other dogs.