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Danny is new to his foster home so check back for updates, but here’s what they’ve reported so far:

I have only had Danny in my care for about a week so I’m still getting to know him and have not seen his full potential yet. But so far he is fun, playful, loving and affectionate.

Danny walks very nice on leash, whether it be with his foster fur-brother Toby or alone. He is currently working on his house manners and basic commands but learns pretty quickly and enjoys it.

Danny hasn’t been introduced to children yet, and we’re not sure about cats yet either. He has had limited supervised interactions with his foster fur-brother Toby that have gone well so far. Danny is learning how to share his toys and be a courteous playmate. With time and manners Danny and his foster fur-brother will likely be best buddies.

Danny will make the best lil boxer family member as he’s such a doll and you can’t resist all his cuteness.