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Dave is a super affectionate dog that just wants to be with his people. He enjoys his snuggle time as much as he is happy to follow his people from room to room.

Dave is house broken, crate trained and rides well in the car. When it comes to training and manners, Dave has been very receptive to learning new tricks and how to behave inside and outside the home. He feels very protective of his humans on walks and still needs some work on his leash skills, but we think he’ll get there with practice and an experienced hand to guide him.

Dave is a silly boy who loves to play – he loves his KONG, his rope toy (probably his favorite), his squeaky stuffed animals, and he’ll play tug-of-war with anyone who’s up for it! Due to his rambunctiousness, any children in the home should be 15 years or older. Bonus points if you have a yard sized for running and romping!