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Dexter is a sensitive, but self-assured and very masculine dog. He integrated quickly with the resident dogs (a mix of large and small dogs ranging from 8 lbs to 110 lbs) with no issues at all. Dexter plays roughly with the big dogs, but is very gentle with the little ones. He will run and play outside like a typical Boxer, but when he comes inside, he settles right down and is content to lay and chew on his cow hooves.

Dexter loves attention and is very affectionate – he just assumes that everyone is going to love him and want to play! He’s house broken and crate trained, and sleeps quietly through the night. Dexter loves riding in the car and does so quietly in his travel crate. He still needs some work on his leash manners but he learns quickly and is eager to please. We haven’t seen Dexter interact with cats or children while in our care, but because he is strong and energetic we recommend children in the home be 12 or older.

Dexter was passed over and generated no interest of any kind from adopters at the animal shelter where he was being kept before NCBR saved him, and he was in serious danger of being euthanized. While I was there watching him, the only thing I could see was his quiet, gentle soul, and I thought how sad it would be for him to die. I think Dexter is beautiful with his Boxer body and his not so typical Boxer head, but his best quality is his ability to forgive and love anyway. I’m privileged to be Dexter’s foster mom and the recipient of his Boxer mix kisses and I know that this very special dog is going to make a wonderful addition to the lucky family who adopts him.