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Duncan is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. He loves love. He loves to give love and he loves to get love. Duncan gives hugely slobbery kisses and loves people and other dogs. He loves meeting new people and new dogs on our walks, and hasn’t shown any kind of prey drive. Duncan seems to think squirrels are something to be ignored, which is a first for us! He hasn’t been introduced to any cats while with us, but based on his non-reaction to squirrels we think he might be ok with cats.

Duncan knows how to sit but is working on other commands. He is very food motivated, so future training with him should be very successful. Duncan is house broken, crate trained and incredibly gentle on leash. He loves going or walks and never pulls. Duncan is a bit physical with his love and we’re working with him to discourage jumping up to give hugs. For this reason only, he might be better in a family with no small children.