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Ernest came into foster care with kennel cough and shortly after had some masses removed surgically. As a result, we’re still getting to know Ernest while his personality continues to emerge as he recovers. So far he’s been a very good house guest. He’s house broken, walks well on leash and gets along with the resident dogs (a chihuahua, a boxer and a pug). He also seems to like children.

Check back for updates on Ernest as we get to know him better.

Update 01/25

Ernest is getting a lot friskier as time goes by and he’s engaging with my dog a lot more. We’ve discovered that he’s a counter surfer – so food has to be put away or pushed far away from the edge. Ernest is a very mellow, happy-go-lucky dog. Now that he has the cone off, we have been working with him on crate training. He’s doing really well: goes right into the crate with no fuss. The longest he has been in the crate is two hours, but we’re working on it.

Update 02/15

Ernest is a great car rider and, now that the weather cleared for a few days, we’ve learned that he walks on a leash nicely, if anything he’s a little slow. 🙂