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Fred is an active 5 month old puppy and he’s a gorgeous black color with some small patches of brindle on his belly and hind legs. He loves playing with fellow NCBR foster Rocky and resident dog Nova. Fred also lives with 3 cats and a Muloccan parrot which he wants to play with so we’re working on improving his social skills with them. He is doing well with potty training and even better with keeping all four feet on the ground!

Fred is crate-trained and is often home alone 2-3 hours a day in his crate. He also sleeps through the night in his crate. Because he is still a puppy, Fred is not leash trained but we’re working on that as well. We keep Fred busy with puzzle toys with hidden treats, leash training, and supervised play sessions with the adult dogs.

Fred would do best in a home with a big brother/sister dog who is tolerant of a puppy and can be his role model as he continues to grow and learn. His new parents need to be willing and able to continue his training.