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Harry aka “Big Boy” is looking for a playmate! He’s a very handsome guy with soulful eyes. Harry is more than five months old now (as of June 18th). He LOVES to play with people and dogs – and he’s great with kids. His greatest wish is to have a playmate (person, dog, or both)! Harry loves to play with his toys and will fetch a ball or squeaky toy anytime. He loves to snuggle with us and with his fur buddies.

Since he is a puppy, has been doing really well in all areas of his training. He is a wonderful puppy and is extremely intelligent. He does not have accidents in the house as long as he gets reminders to go out. He sleeps well all night in his crate and will go into a crate for short periods during the day too. Harry is excellent on leash. He does not pull when he is being walked and sits at every corner. He is super treat motivated and will sit, shake, lay down and stay.

Harry loves to play and then collapse next to you wherever you are. He is a fantastic dog! If you’re looking for a companion that is pure love and affection in a big package, Harry’s the one!

*** Puppies will only be adopted out to homes where there is already an adult dog, no children under five, and where the dog will not be left alone for long hours. ***