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Hershey is a super sweet boy, who is full of love. He is very intelligent and learns quickly (but he can also outsmart you!). Hershey can be stubborn at times, but he’s a real charmer and he’ll win your heart over. An experienced boxer person would be ideal for Hershey. He loves to ride in cars, and looks around but doesn’t bark. He walks well on a leash, but is easily distracted so we’re working on that. Hershey sits for his food, and waits until you say OK. You can pet him while he’s eating, put your hand in his bowl, and raise it up, he doesn’t react. Hershey likes cooked carrots, broccoli, boiled chicken, bananas, and kibble for treats. As you can see in a couple of the pictures, he’s a little underweight right now but we’re helping him get back to a healthy size. And he’s very food and attention motivated.

Hershey can jump over four feet high, so he will need to be attended whenever he’s outside. He knows basic commands “sit” and “down”. We are also working on crate training – he will calmly lay down for a few minutes in the crate. Hershey loves massages, and doesn’t mind having his feet, ears, or mouth touched. Around the house, Hershey is a good boy – he’s not interested in chewing up your possessions. Hershey hasn’t spent any time with other dogs, cats or children yet, but he does chase squirrels so he would probably not do well in a home with a cat. He is an active boy who needs 60+ minutes of moderate exercise daily (walks, runs, etc.).

Hershey will cherish you and loves to be with his parent(s) and/or family all the time. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. Hershey is easily excited, so he does well with calm, quiet talk. He is very attentive to everything you are doing. If Hershey sounds like he might fit in your home, submit an application today – he would love to be your constant companion!