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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Ellen Ludwig, Sharon Gavarre

Hildy is a very-sweet senior lady who just wants to be loved. Her favorite spot is sitting on the floor next to you resting her head on your lap.

She is very calm when visitors come to our home. Hildy is not a jumper. A benefit of adopting a senior is that they are fully housebroken and they have great house manners – and that is the case with Hildy!

She does get the typical boxer zoomies on occasion, so this lady has “still got it.” She engages in play with the other fur-siblings. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys yet, but I believe that will change as she gets more comfortable in our home. I think she is the typical boxer that never fully grows up and will show her youthful traits as her confidence grows.

Hildy is a peaceful sleeper but she doesn’t let you sleep in. Hildy wakes me up every day between 5 and 6 a.m. wanting to go out, and to be fed. She is very demanding, and since she is deaf, telling her to hush or go to bed is not effective.

Hildy has been introduced to kids as young as nine and did very well. She will make a great addition to any home!