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This gorgeous girl is Ivy and she’s super sweet! She’s affectionate with everyone she meets, even strangers, and has met children of various ages in the local park. She tries to kiss and nuzzle them all! Around the house Ivy is relaxed and affectionate but also playful and energetic at times.

Ivy rides well in the car, walks well on leash and is house-trained. She also does well when we leave her home alone (so far the longest has been for 2 hours). Ivy is energetic and could make a great running partner. She goes on daily jogs with us but will be as active as you want her to be in the park. She loves to run and chase us!

Ivy does very well with little dogs (she loves our pugs) but will need controlled introductions to larger dogs. She may do ok with cats, but she hasn’t had more than a passing glance at one while in our care. Because Ivy is reactive to large dogs, any children in her fur-ever home need to be 15 or older.