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Izzy is a sweet girl who will make an excellent addition to her forever home. So far we’ve found her to be a mellow, kind and well dog-socialized pup. Izzy gets along with our other dogs and cat and does not appear to have a high prey drive (deer, squirrels, birds, reptiles). She prefers to be part of the pack and would do best in a home with another dog to keep her company.

Izzy isn’t as active as other boxers, needing only about 45 minutes of activity a day. She likes to play a little and then hang out. Izzy is a bit shy when her physical world expands but once comfortable, she opens up and is curious about her surroundings. At the park, she watches kids walk by and play, just like any other things in the world. When children came up to her she just laid there.

Izzy is still a puppy and has puppy habits. She likes her toys and to “zoom” around the yard a few times. Izzy is being potty trained, walks well on leash (doesn’t pull, stop to smell, or mark excessively), and crates fine during the night. We’re working on basic commands (sit, wait).

If you’d like to meet Izzy, submit the adoption application today and come meet her. You won’t be disappointed!

*** Izzy will only be adopted to a home where there is already an adult dog, no children under five, and where she will not be left alone for long hours. ***