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Jo is a sweet natured boy who is lower energy. He is satisfied with a nice neighborhood walk or would be just as happy cozied up next to the fireplace. He is well mannered in the home and isn’t known to be destructive or get into the garbage. Jo enjoys the company of humans; he is polite with houseguests and has great greeting manners – he doesn’t rush at or jump on them.

Jo is your typical “strong minded” boxer and will test boundaries, so with structure, clear house rules and a family that shows leadership, Jo will fall right into line. He knows his basic obedience and things like waiting at the door until he’s released and politely waiting for his food. Jo has wonderful leash manners and will trot right past barking dogs so long as they’re 7 feet away or so. He is house broken, crate trained, and also rides well in the car.

Jo has some drive toward small critters, so we recommend a home without cats or other small furry animals. He has an ‘internal’ personality and prefers a quieter home. Jo hasn’t been around young children and due to his reserved personality, a home without children would be best for Jo. He has done well with select dogs who are lower energy and ones that will not invade his space but he really would prefer being his family’s one and only dog.