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Jones is such a pleasure to have around! He very much enjoys just hanging around the house with you, going for long walks and of course eating breakfast and dinner. Jones likes to be in the same room as you, preferably as close as possible!

Jones loves people and wants to say hi to everyone when we’re out walking. Once he gets close, he is fairly reserved, sniffing a bit and then allowing the new person to pet him. After that he warms up pretty quickly. Jones walks very well on leash, rides great in the car, and is house broken and crate trained. We haven’t heard him bark yet, so he’s probably not much of a barker.

Jones gets along well with medium to large dogs but should probably not be in a home with smaller dogs, and definitely not with cats. He is a bit hard of hearing so we are working on teaching him sign commands and it’s a work in progress.

Don’t let his gray face fool you, Jones is spry and playful for his age! If you’re looking for a friendly and affectionate companion, come meet Jones!