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Kayon (aka Roo) is an adorable, sweet little guy who is well-adjusted but still full of typical puppy spirit and energy. He has been taught dog behaviors and socialization from the resident dogs and we’ve exposed him to many situations, people, noises, etc. Kayon loves to play with all types of toys, with people, and with other dogs. Currently, his favorite dog friend is a female golden retriever. They can take toys and dog bones out of each other’s mouths and play for hours in the back yard.

Being a typical puppy, Kayon will bark and whine for attention or to get what he wants. We usually ignore this behavior and just check to make sure he is safe. Kayon is a very happy pup and knows the routine of our house. He is always willing to go into his nighttime create and settles down quickly after a treat. Kayon is very food motivated, even though he’s a little thin, so additional training should be easy with him as he gets older.

We usually don’t create him when we are gone – all of the dogs share an elevated, comfortable, climate-controlled area in the garage with a doggy-door into the back yard. Kayon walks well on leash but could use more work on leash walking commands.

Kayon is a great pup who would make a wonderful addition to an active family. There are no limitations in mobility for him and he keeps up with all of the dogs in play and on walks. We do, however, feel that he would do best in a home with a dog companion to keep him company and to play with him.

***Kayon has a spinal abnormality in his lower lumbar spine that causes an odd hopping gait. He has a fused vertebrae and a lesion.  The neurologist did not know if Kayon, as he gets older, will get better, worse, or stay the same, and did not think there were surgical interventions to address the issue. While in our care, Kayon has not changed. If you are interested in adopting Kayon, please ask your Adoption Coordinator to put you in contact with the Medical Coordinator before meeting him.***