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Kevin is a very kind, calm, and so far, well adjusted dog. I have not yet had the opportunity to introduce other dogs to Kevin in a social setting. However, he has been around other dogs at the vet and shelter with no reported problems. Kevin ignores the neighbor’s dog, but barks appropriately at people walking by on our side fence on the public street. While out on walks, we’ve seen some cats and he wants to chase them, so he’s not cat friendly.

Kevin has a very loyal personality. He is always within a few feet of me somewhere, but he likes to pretend he’s not really there. Kevin reminds me of a teenage boy — he likes to pretend he doesn’t need you, but if your watching TV or reading a book, he’s curled up in your lap! Kevin recently spent time a a birthday party with 18 7-year olds and did very well.

Kevin was found as a stray and appears to have had a bit of a rough patch, but he is adjusting well on most counts and seems to be fairly resilient. He loves scratches and rubs. We are working on teaching Kevin how to play with toys. He does great playing outside in the back yard, play fighting and chasing his foster fur-brother. Kevin is crate trained, walks well on leash and rides well in the car. He does not cower at loud noises or appear to show any signs of being frightened.



Kevin is such a sweet foster fur-brother, comforting Charlie with kisses.

Kevin & Charlie’s freedom walk out of the shelter.