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Lauren is a sweet and energetic boxer girl. She is a bit shy and timid at first, but once she opens up she just loves people. When excited, Lauren runs and bounces around in excitement, but when you come close to greet her she calms down and will take all the affection she can get.

Lauren is crate trained, walks well on leash, and has only had a couple potty accidents in the house, otherwise she’s doing great with her house training. She likes to play with a wide variety of toys, go on walks, or just relax and hang out with her humans. Lauren hasn’t met any kids or cats while with us so we don’t know how she would be with either. We’ll provide an update when we know.

While Lauren does amazing with people she is still guarded around other dogs. This is a work in progress for her as she has started showing friendly interest towards our family boxers when seen through a gate or on our pack walks (the dogs are separated with people in between them). We think a home without any other dogs would be a perfect immediate fit for Lauren’s forever home.