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Layla is a sweet, gentle girl with plenty of spunk and fun. She has had a hard time in life, having been neglected while allergies went untreated and caused widespread skin infections. This hasn’t affected her personality at all, and she is in the middle of recovery, with really great results.

Layla loves mealtimes, and does some sweet talking while her food is being prepared. She plays well with the resident female boxer mix in the house, who is quite rambunctious. Layla also lives with 2 cats that she mostly leaves alone. She hasn’t met any children while in our care, but she is a gentle, calm soul and has given no indication that she would be any different with children.

Layla is crate trained, and will also stay in a bordered area if she’s told to go there, even when the door is open. She walks well on lease with no impatience or stubbornness and rides well in the car.

Layla would work well in a family with other pets. She would need an owner who could keep on top of her medications and allergies so the skin irritations don’t reoccur. In return she’ll be sweet, warm company and give lots of love to all of her forever family members.




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Maureen Fitzgerald
Christine Colladay
Sheryl Webster
Dean Tait
Janice De Conti
Sherry Rider
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