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Beautiful Lexi is super cuddly and loving, and very calm compared to most Boxers I’ve known, however she can play with the big dogs and she does! She loves balls most and would hoard them if she could. Lexi is spring loaded and can jump 6ft from a sitting position and boy can she run fast!

Lexi would like to be the alpha dog, however, she would gladly give that whole idea up for the love of her human. She would like to sleep in bed with you – preferably on you! She will sit outside the shower and wait/watch until you’re done.

Lexi knows sit and shake and sometimes even stays put. She is house-broken, crated-trained, and gets along very will with the 2 resident boxers. Lexi needs a moderate amount of daily exercise (60+ minutes of play, etc.) – she could even be your running partner!

Lexi has been warm and friendly to all who have come through my door. She is an absolutely wonderful girl with a bright and smart personality. While Lexi has been great with children from 8 months to 15 years, she does tend to resource guard her toys, which younger children may not understand. As a result, any children in her adoptive home should be 15 and up.