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This beautiful lady is Libby. She’s a fairly mellow gal who really loves her humans. She likes to hang out close to her favorite people. Libby is a low energy dog who likes a little dancing, a stroll around the neighborhood park, and then a long nap.

Libby is socially motivated and an eager people pleaser, which usually makes her easy to re-direct. She is an alpha girl who needs to have a person who is The Boss. However, she is convinced that she is Second in Command! For that reason, Libby would do best as either an only dog or with a similar-sized animal who is not dominant. Likewise, Libby is fine with cats if the cats are dog-savvy, but she will chase and paw at an unwary feline. For these reasons as well as her attention-getting paw swipe maneuver, Libby would fit best in a home without small children. Mostly what Libby wants is to be petted, reassured that the world is all good, and talked to. She would love to hear your story.