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Lillian is a lovely little pup. She is super affectionate and loves nothing more than to crawl into your lap for a snuggle. She has just finished puppy school and is ready for her forever home. Lillian is young and so needs a home that can take her lots of places to see all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of the world on a regular basis. This will help her to become a wonderful canine citizen. Lillian has been around a cat in her foster home but since she is young and exuberant she will need continued reinforcement of respectful behavior with cats.

Lillian is crate-trained, house-broken and walks well on leash. She LOVES everyone! Lillian can be a little excitable – when she met a 4.5 year old we had to keep her calm so she wouldn’t overwhelm the little girl. Lillian is a fabulous pup with great potential!

*** Puppies will only be adopted out to homes where there is already an adult dog, no children under five, and where the dog will not be left alone for long hours. ***

About the Litter

These 6 beautiful babies were born to mom Selena on August 22, 2016. All puppies are very sweet, happy, silly pups who love people and other dogs. They will quickly fill up your lap and clamber up to kiss your face if you sit down on the floor.  The pups have been raised in a room just off our kitchen and home office, so they have been exposed to the noise of a regular household plus a business that is run in the home. We regularly introduce them to new items, and they get playtime both indoors and outdoors to increase their confidence and make sure they stay out of trouble for the most part. They have all had their feet and bodies handled routinely.

All of the pups are working on potty training, really we have been since they were able to scoot around by having a bedroom area which has gradually expanded and a separate bathroom area. They are all doing well with going #2 outside, not so much with the #1 yet but usually they make it to the piddle pads at least! The pups are all learning to keep “four on the floor”, and to calm down and sit for both attention and small treats. Some of them even have the maturity to hold the sit for a minute or so. Next they will learn down, crate training and get comfortable wearing a harness. All six pups are at the same foster home, learning bite inhibition by playing together and social skills from each other and the adult dogs in the household.