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Isn’t Lonzo a hunk? He is an absolutely gorgeous guy who LOVES everybody he meets and LOVES to play. He is very affectionate and can’t get enough snuggle time. Lonzo will curl up in a tiny ball to fit on your lap if he thinks he is able to sneak in some love and attention. He only weighs ~53 pounds and has a relatively small boxer frame.

Lonzo has very young boxer behavior. He still needs quite a bit of training. When he came to us he didn’t respond to any commands, but he is smart and learning quickly. He now sits well and is learning to not dart out of the door. Lonzo also needs leash training. He can be challenging to walk on the leash. On the plus side, Lonzo is very food motivated, so he is quite fun to train. He is eager to please but, of course, has that boxer stubbornness too. Lonzo sometimes gets into items around the house like garbage cans and closets to see what goodies he can find. He just needs to learn that he is not the boss…you are!

Lonzo crates very well. We leave the crate door open and we often find him relaxing, sleeping and playing in his crate. He gets along great with my own dog and his foster-buddy. Lonzo does have a high prey drive, so he probably will not do well with cats. Since Lonzo is a bouncy and excitable young boy, he would probably not be a good fit for a family with young children but would be fine with older children he can’t so easily knock down by accident.

I think Lonzo is going to be a fantastic dog for a very lucky person. He would probably do well with agility training once he gets his basic training down. If you are willing to put in the time and energy to train this boy, he’s going to be a rockstar!