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Meet Luca! Or Luca Loo as we call her. Luca is a very mellow, sweet girl who would like nothing other than your love and attention. She can be a little shy at first, but once she warms up be prepared for lots of cuddles and kisses. Luca is crate trained, potty trained and knows some basic commands such as sit, shake and down – she’s a very smart girl.

Luca walks really well on a leash, no pulling or tugging and seems to enjoy her walks. It appears she hasn’t had a lot of experience with socializing or riding in cars, so those are things we’re still working on. Luca does get nervous in the car, but will now get in without having to be persuaded by a treat.

Although Luca does currently interact with our two boxers, she requires a very slow introduction to other dogs and we feel she would even be fine being an only dog. She does have a high prey drive so she is not small dog or cat friendly. If you’re looking for a very sweet, mellow companion that would be perfectly content receiving lots of love and attention, submit your application to meet Miss Luca Loo!