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Luca is a beautiful, affectionate and overall sweet girl. Not a gregarious boxer, she is more low-key but with the playful boxer style. Luca is reserved in nature and needs to trust and respect your leadership for her to open up. Over time and once accustomed to her environment, she blossoms. Luca is crate trained (and prefers it as her “home base)”, potty trained, and she knows commands such as sit, stay, down, crate, come, stop, stand – she’s a very smart girl and capable of so much. Her training or behavior is not an issue, but is not the “plug and play” type. The leadership and engagement she receives is paramount to maintaining the awesome dog designation.

Luca is a wonderful walk buddy (45 minutes per day) – she is textbook perfect (doesn’t pull, stop to smell and has not exhibited aggression to other dogs). She enjoys hikes (4 – 8 miles) and is very fit and agile, so I believe she would do fine on runs. There are so many opportunities for Luca – possibly agility work as she really likes to think and have a job. She loads and rides well in the car. She enjoys squeaky toys and likes to fetch tennis balls.
Luca interacts with our two dogs and cat; and she plays well with our 8 year old boxer (the other dog has no interest in playing). Due to her reserved nature, she requires a slow integration with other dogs (and people) in the home. Outside of the home, I have taken her on walks with all sizes of well-behaved dogs (unknown to her) and she is great. Luca has also done fine at events with not so perfectly behaved dogs and she has been non-reactive (you set the tone of appropriate behavior). She has been fine with our dog-savvy cat. She does seem to have a high prey drive but with firm leadership it’s not something she acts on.

Luca would do best with a well-balanced young dog or pack (she will find or assert her place in the pack). She might be okay as an only dog if her human is home most of the time. She should not be left alone for hours on a regular basis. Luca hangs out with me all day while I work and is not disruptive. She should have a good dose of exposure to other dogs to maintain her non-reactive nature to other dogs. Luca may not do well at dog parks as she does not like being rushed at.

Luca traveled with us on RV camping trips and she did outstanding! She exhibited no anxiety while on the road for several hours, was a model canine citizen at campsites and while left alone in the RV for periods of time.

Luca is a great girl who just needs someone who is a natural leader; exhibiting calm, assertive and consistent leadership while providing regular exercise and mental stimulation.