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Meet Maggie (aka Miss Maggie Mae)! She is a sweet, beautiful, very unique-looking boxer girl, as you can see by her photos.

Maggie loves to be with her foster mom and dad, following them from room to room to see what they are doing, but she accepts being in her crate without a fuss and she loves to sleep in the bed when invited. Miss Maggie is fully housebroken and is an expert at navigating the dog door. She knows basic commands sit, wait, come, and leave it, but could use some reinforcement.

Maggie is terrific on the leash! She does not pull and she is very attentive and undistracted while on her walks.
Maggie loves to play with her squeaky toy and likes to play fetch – she actually brings the toy back to you to throw for her again… kind of unusual for a boxer! She rides very well in the car too.

After a proper and careful introduction over time, Maggie gets along well with her little foster fur brothers (10lb. Chihuahua & 20 lb terrier mix) and is very gentle with them. She enjoys going to the park and running with her foster fur brothers and loves to go for her walks with them too. But she is quite content just laying out on the patio soaking up the sun with them as well. Maggie hasn’t been introduced to any cats yet, but she doesn’t chase birds or squirrels in the yard.

Miss Maggie Mae is friendly toward strangers but a little shy at first. Miss Maggie Mae has that classic inquisitive boxer expression, that makes you think she is saying “what’s up with that”? She is absolutely adorable!